Lights stopped working? Or a short circuit? Give us a call so our mobile team can attend to your complaint almost immediately to make sure you won’t have to encounter a dull situation. Our technicians are well equipped with sockets and tools to make sure they solve your complaints in just one visit.


We offer fast and professional painting services for homes and corporates; we help you choose the perfect color and paint texture according to your desire. We have experts who assess your home or office to determine and advice on the best paint that matches your budget.


We provide high-quality carpentry and joinery solutions, we offer a wide range of quality products and services for both commercial and residential customers.


We do all plumbing works including install and repair pipes, fittings, and fixtures that carry water and gas according to plumbing codes and specifications. We work with piping systems; install sinks, tubs, roof leaks, drainage repairs, and other kitchen fixtures and bathroom fixture in home repair or renovation.


We install, maintain and service Air Condition System, let us take care of your needs. We guarantee our services to be professional and of exceptional quality. Our highly qualified Technicians are experienced in fault diagnosis and the repair of all major brands of air conditioning equipment.


Our landscaping division will provide full landscaping services from project design, outdoor and indoor services or even irrigation system installation. Landscaping design is handled by a dedicated team that makes a complete analysis of the site and comes up with solutions to transform your outdoor areas into a heavenly garden.


From complete house refurbishment, to installing new appliances or furniture, changing the colors of your living room or even adding a new room to your house, we are here to deliver the best cost-effective solution for your most premium need.


We turn your imagination into reality by creating spaces that you could only dream of. We provide interior designing and decoration services, We make sure to complete all projects within the specified time and budget ensuring complete satisfaction.


Handasah has a vast experience in all kinds of Ceiling Works like (Gypsum Ceiling, MDF Panel Ceilings,Acrylic Panel Ceiling works, Celotex Tile, Metal Panel Ceiling, Grill Panel Ceilings,Ceiling Leveling works and all other related work.


We at Handasah do all kind of Tiling and Flooring Work. Tiling and Flooring works undertaken are (Ceramic Tiling, Carpet Flooring, Tile Carpet,Vinyl Flooring, Epoxy (Rubber) Flooring, Parquet Flooring, Floor Leveling and all other related work.


We do all kind of Wall Paper Fixing and Wall Tiling Work. Wall Tiling and Wall Paper Fixing works undertaken are (Ceramic wall tiling,Wall Paper works, Stone Tiling, Pillar Tiling, MDF wall panel Designing, Acrylic wall panel works and other related work.


We provide cleaning services for homes and offices; we work with a well-trained team who do a satisfactory and impressive jobs. Our cleaners are always ready to work at your convenience and they work on both permanent and part time basis.

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    Where Vocation Meets Location

    Handasah has an innovative handyman on demand Mobile Application (Android & IOS) that helps home owners and offices to book repair and maintenance services and civil works in less than a minute. All what you need is to submit a request through our Mobile Application for the job you want to be done in your home or office, and will connect you with qualified resource from our team Network.

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      On-demand Repair & Maintenance Services

      Our team offers comprehensive experience across disciplines, including electrical, carpentry, plumbing, painting, air conditioning and full array of repair and maintenance services. With this service we take care of the time-consuming jobs so that you can enjoy your home/office stress free.

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